Utilize your supporters

You have fans out there spreading the word about what you are doing. Give them the tools necessary to help them share your idea with their networks.

Broaden your reach

Sharing content is great but posting is better! When supporters post content directly on their networks it receives more views, resulting in better engagement.

Your First 200 Supporters. Free.

At an average of 500 friends per supporter thats you reaching 100,000 people and thats assuming just one network!

How it works…



Create A Campaign

Build a PlugMob campaign that defines what you want your supporters to share and how you would like them to share it. You choose the when and how your message appears.



Recruit Your Mob

You send out a short link generated for your campaign. When your to-be-maffiosos follow it, they can easily connect their accounts and tweak the content.



Broadcast Your Message

At anytime you can schedule your campaign to execute and PlugMob will send out your message on your supporter’s accounts. Think trending.